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July 2022 Sunset Sightings - Complete Trend Blend

July 2022 Sunset Sightings - Complete Trend Blend

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Fueled by abstract designs and funky combinations of the most daring trends, the Sunset Sightings Collection features audacious, outside-the-box fashion. Sunset Sightings fashionistas celebrate individuality, pulling ideas from runway shows and TikTok feeds. This collection was made for those who thrive on pushing the envelope and their bold fashion choices are usually met with envious onlookers saying, “I wish I could pull that off!”

Includes one of each accessory featured in the Sunset Sightings Trend Blend in July's Fashion Fix:

Necklace: Celestial Cruise -Multi" (P2ST-MTXX-098JG)
Earring: "Space Age Sparkle - Multi" (P5PO-MTXX-093JG)
Bracelet: "Astral Adventure - Multi" (P9UR-MTXX-260JG)
Ring: "Distant Cosmos - Multi" (P4ED-MTXX-024JG)

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